Before the fall of Midgar, before the Highwind first soared the skies, a war between two countries raged. A war for resources. For power. For control.

Jenova. Calamity from the skies. This thing, whatever it is, fell in centuries past upon the face of your world named Gaia. Everyone knows the story of the Destruction of the Ancients, but not many know that there are still Ancients out there, somewhere. That’s not important right now, though.

We’re at war.

Wutai struck first, fast, and hard, sending rockets flying from their western mountains. Everyone says they’re a bunch of eco-terrorists, stuck in their ancient hokey ways. But they’re mean, damn it. And the men and women of Shinra have been at this war for too long now.

And you?

You have been offered a chance to end the war. How, you don’t know yet, but the company will tell you. At least, that’s what the mission orders are saying. Take this chance. For glory. For money. No, you’re not just doing it for money. You’re doing it for a SHITLOAD of money.

Jenova's Witnesses

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