Use Materia Skill

The Use Materia skill is an important skill for spellcasters. It allows them to use materia they couldn’t use otherwise, and lets them create effects to change the power and area of their spells.

Spellcasting classes almost never have to make a check to use blue/green Materia, but non spellcasting classes do.

The DC is 10 for using Basic Materia, 15 for Novice, and 20 for Intermediate. You almost never see non spellcasters using Advanced Materia, but if they were, the DC would be 25, and Superior Materia would have a DC of 30. And don’t roll a 1…bad things will happen!

These DCs also apply to arcane casters using Blue materia, or divine casters using Green materia.

For example, Jimbo, a Beefcake Fighter, wants to use a Basic Restore materia to heal a bone broken from falling off a 3 story building. He needs to make a Use Materia check, and rolls an 11 on the die. Success!

Non spellcasters, having no caster level, get the absolute minimum effect out of using materia.

When using materia that have a variable effect, such as Fire or Restore, you may choose how many charges you wish to spend on that effect.

1 charge- 1-4 d6 (Basic)
2 charges- 2-8 d6 (Novice)
3 charges- 9-12 d6 (Intermediate)
4 charges- 13-16 d6 (Advanced)
5 charges- 17-20 d6 (Superior)

The number of die rolled is still based on caster level.

Use Materia Skill

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