Broken or destroyed items

You, as well as your enemies, can attempt a sunder combat maneuver. If your weapon, armor, or magical item take enough damage to gain the broken condition, additional penalties occur with respect to materia.

Materia in a broken item do not gain MXP.
Materia in a broken item are unable to be used until the item has been repaired.

There are ways to repair such damage; weaponsmiths tend to charge high prices to repair damaged arms and armor.

Most craftsmen can repair such damaged goods, but it doesn’t come cheaply or quickly.

1 day worth of work will restore 1d4 worth of points to a damaged (but not destroyed) item. Craftsmen generally charge 1% of the item’s value per day of work, generally less than 5% of the item’s value.

As such, most materia users spend time learning how to keep combat as short as possible.

Broken or destroyed items

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