Materia Growth

Materia levels at different rates. You’ll have to check to see how often your materia grows.
When a materia can grow no more, it divides, making a new materia that you can sell for fame and profit.

Of course, once you have higher leveled materia, uses per day doesn’t matter, but they only gain experience when you do. So your materia grows with you.

Level 1 materia is also called Basic materia.
Level 2 materia is called Novice Materia.
Level 3 materia is called Intermediate Materia.
Level 4 materia is called Advanced Materia.
Level 5 materia is called Superior, or Master, Materia.

Blue/Green materia growth rates:

Level 2: 50 MXP
Level 3: 250 MXP
Level 4: 1250 MXP
Level 5: 5000 MXP

Purple Materia Growth rates:

Level 2: 50 MXP
Level 3: 400 MXP
Level 4: 1000 MXP
Level 5: 5000 MXP

Yellow Materia Growth Rates:

Level 2: 75 MXP
Level 3: 300 MXP
Level 4: 900 MXP
Level 5: 2500 MXP

Red Materia Growth Rates:

Red Materia do not earn MXP. Instead, they will grow in power based on criteria determined by the GM.

Materia Growth

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