Materia Overuse

Using materia until it runs out of charges, and then switching it out for another materia of the same kind, is a dangerous activity.

Smart warriors know when they’ve channeled enough of a particular energy through their weapon or armor. Catastrophic and deadly results have occurred, but most often when an item has been overused with a particular materia type, that item will disintegrate, implode, explode, freeze, animate, electrocute, launch into space, or do otherwise unspeakable things to its wielder.

A particularly unwise mage was fond of using Float materia in his cape until he did it about 30 times in one day, switching out one Float Materia after another. Now, he’s floating all right. He floated away into outer space, his grisly remains staring down at the planet in geostationary orbit.

So DON’T DO IT!!!!

Materia Overuse

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