Materia Overview

The world revolves around a resource called materia. Materia are small spheres that are essentially condensed magic.

There are several different kinds of Materia:
Green Materia Use arcane spells.
Blue Materia Use divine spells.
Purple Materia Bestows a passive ability or increase to stats.
Yellow MateriaBestows an active ability.
Summon (Red) Summons a creature to fight for a short time.
Special (Orange) Who knows what this special materia does?

Materia gain power vicariously. By exposure to combat or other dangerous situations, materia grow in strength. Only by having a materia equipped can it improve. You’ll have dozens of materia, so you’ll need to keep track of how much experience your materia gains!

Spellcasters are the only class who can use blue/green materia reliably. In this campaign, Use Magic Device is synonymous with Use Materia.

Materia Overview

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